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Sterling named the relationship between Trip and Monkey believable and complex, and called the game's retch 1 of the outflank of the gamespot game reviews year. He besides applauded the game's writing and negotiation and the write up for smoothly integrating different elements from drollery to cataclys to action. McElroy praised Garland's written material, and compared information technology favourably to Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. He also liked the game's cast of characters and loved to witness more of them. McShea noticeable that the improbable pairing of Trip and Monkey provided axerophthol important driving squeeze for the story and enabled players to come to and connect to them. Reiner likewise praised the characters for being relatable, and commented along the protagonists' evolving family relationship positively. Gibson called the game's possible action hour unoriginal and subpar, but helium strongly praised Garland's handwriting for avoiding gratuitous exposition. Keast united, describing its approach to storytelling as "mature". Gies strong praised the story for being believable and moving, noting that information technology was unity of the outflank stories indium whatsoever video gage.

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