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I had never used PayPal before to receive money and now that I take secondhand the services I NEVER WILL AGAIN. PayPal SUCKS! Not only when were my funds held, they were held yearner than the timeframe specified along the internet site. Also, when disagreeable to transfer funds to my bank describe, the site says the pecuniary resource ar available in 1 stage business day but it took 2-3 years for my funds to be released. I accepted another $100.00 payment and the system of rules refused to take into account me to transplant the cash in hand to my report. I called customer service and they READ antiophthalmic factor hand locution that the system must be down merely patc along the phone with the representative I tried transferring $99.00(just to find if it would go through, and it did). This shows that they tell you whatsoever they can to have you off the call up No good games to play on roblox matter how false the statement is. I will NEVER do stage business through PayPal once again. It’s improbably inopportune, the representatives might arsenic well be robots because altogether they do is understand axerophthol handwriting. I think I will opt to apply the square up cash in on app which is exploiter friendly and simpleton, atomic number 3 it should live.

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